About us

Only 1 in 1000 will live to adulthood. Sea turtles reach adulthood at around the age of 25. From hatching, they have to overcome a difficult journey from the beach to the ocean, where they are threatened not only by a number of predators, but also by the city’s light smog, which confuses them in their orientation. The fact that only a critical few individuals live to adulthood is not only due to the number of natural predators, but also to a large extent thanks to us humans. We are not only pushing turtles out of their natural environment, but especially flooding the oceans with plastic waste, which they often mistake for food, which is a frequent reason for their death.

We at BISSARI want to help them and therefore focus on reducing the generation of harmful plastic waste that ends up in the seas and oceans, mainly by using sustainable and recycled materials in our products. At the same time, by purchasing each product, you will contribute financially to the non-profit organization PROJECT BIODIVERSITY, which deals with the protection of sea turtles on the Cape Verde Islands, which are the second largest hatchery of sea turtles in the world.

Project Biodiversity (Projeto Biodiversidade) is a Cape Verdean non-profit organization committed to protecting nature through community-based environmental initiatives on the Cape Verdean island of Sal. Since its establishment in 2015, Project Biodiversity has made enormous efforts to protect turtles, nature and the island’s ecosystem. Their combined approach focuses on three main goals: protecting wildlife on the islands, raising environmental awareness and promoting a greener and more sustainable local economy. Defined by these interconnected pillars, their approach combines local conservation efforts with long-term capacity building by creating programs to benefit Sal Island’s unique ecosystems and its inhabitants.

Everyone can help, either by buying our organic Bissari products or by making a direct contribution to the organization.